Rockstars of Hell: The Western (actually Southern) Summary.*

It has been two hundred years since the Scarlet Empire collapsed and the Solar Exalted returned. For a time, it endured, still powerful, but torn asunder by infighting and civil wars. Not least to credit for its destruction were the Solar Exalted, once widely known as the Anathema. The Solars are now world-powers in their own right, but they are few and splintered. More than the Dragon-Blooded before them, the Solars could not unite their various views. The North has long been ruled by the Bull, contested only by the Silver Pact, with whom there is an uneasy peace. The lands once known as The Hundred Kingdoms are now far fewer, controlled in halves by a coalition of Solars and their Abyssal Counterparts based in Thorns. The Realm remains the domain of the Dragon-Blooded, but only just. Five Solar Circles even now war with themselves and the Dragon-Blooded rulers of the Blessed-Isle with the Realm remnants for control of the Imperial Manse, Lookshy is now the one city state, barely holding out against the Solars who desire to control it. The Five-Score Fellowship is all but unrecognizable to those remembering the Factions who so long divided it. With the peaceful death of Chejop Kejak, the Bronze Faction fell into disarray, and the Gold Faction rapidly rose in favor and popularity as more and more Solar Exalted made their way to Yu-Shan. The Celestial Bureaucracy itself has also changed a great deal. Some centuries ago, the Sun’s attention was drawn to the corruption in Heaven by several devoted Sidereals. His Vigilance is not whole, his Retirement not truly ended, but every few years, some gods are demoted or even executed as the Sun makes good on his promises of random inspections. Progress remains slow, and the Sun will still disappear for years or decades, and once for an entire century, as he is once more distracted by the Games, but his sporadic inspections and renewed awareness remain a source of constant paranoia, and has done much to remove the corruption that for so long permeated heaven. In contrast with all these changes, Hell is much the same as it has always been, and it is the Infernals who are the Celebrities of Hell. With the debacle last century of the first Fiend to achieve his highest Essence and attempt to dissolve the surrender oaths, and the ensuing murder of said Fiend by a Malfeas enraged by his failure, the Yozis are more withdrawn and inactive than ever. This does not matter, for it is the Unquestionable who TRULY rule Hell. And they rule it well. In truth, they have cared little for the outside world in some time. Certainly, to walk Creation once more would be nice, to avenge old wrongs would be lovely, but why dwell on what cannot be changed, when there is so much to do in the World Bodies of their parent Yozi? On the occasions the Unquestionable NEED something from the outside world, there are always the Infernals. The Infernals, as a group, have a true life and niche in Hell. They are the Rockstars, the Heroes, the Beloved Icons of Hell. They have power and prestige. The First and Second Circles fawn and vie for their attentions and affections. The Unquestionable not just want, but NEED what they have to offer. Their position is arguably the best in the hierarchy of Hell. Higher than all but the Unquestionable, their responsibilities are less than those of the Third Circle, and they have the freedom to leave at will, although most don’t wish to. Why leave the center of our power to go where we aren’t wanted?

Infernal Rockstars of HELL: Western Style (Actually Southern)